Google My Business Request a Quote Feature

Emerging Feature “Request a Quote” – Google 2019


Google is automatically joining a large “Request a Quote” button to available business listings in search results. Google is consistently linking the gap between consumers and businesses by offering new communication features. We gave you a complete guide on messaging businesses on Google for inquiries, it seems a new feature has been added when you search for a business on Google in tandem with Google Maps. Known as ‘Request a Quote,’ this new addition will make it easier for consumers who want to know the exact charges for the desired services of a business.

Google Business features
Request a Quote Features

Joy Hawkins was first to spot this feature and she shared a screenshot on Twitter. Precisely, businesses that have opted into the Google My Business messaging feature will have the “request a quote” button added to their listing. This button is big and obvious. Google wants searchers to use the messaging feature. By creating this button here remarkable, you are bound to get messages sent to you via Google Messaging. So if you have it turned out, be prepared to respond.


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