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Advantages & Disadvantages of Google Glass – 2019

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Glass is mostly being used in factories and warehouses, but there are a lot of Glass Partners trying to drag smart glasses into the medical and food service industries. They claim that the device can cut costs at restaurants, help children with autism, and provide a better sense of independence to the blind. These businesses are pretty forward-thinking, but a quick review of their websites shows that they’re still grossly underdeveloped and impractical.  A lot of work needs to be done before Glass can patronizingly tell fast food employees how to assemble a ham sandwich, and the technology needs to fall below $500 before any sane restaurant owner will even consider adopting it.

But the fact that the Glass is doing well anywhere is kind of impressive, and at least mildly exciting. Hopefully, Glass has the chance to marinate in the industry before Google tries to reintroduce it to the public. After all, some of the biggest complaints about the device have already been improved in the industrial world. And if Apple and Amazon join the race for smart eyewear, then the economic competition should accelerate Glass development.

On the other hand, Glass costs more than ever, it still gives off a creepy vibe, and it still looks a bit ridiculous. We’ll just have to see how things develop.

Advantages Disadvantages
Wearable headgear that allows some uses hands-free
Google Glass is currently only available to developers at a high cost, $1500
Capable of recording video and audio from the user's perspective
Recording functions (audio, photo, video) could make others concerned about their privacy
User can receive information and notifications from Internet and social media without having to check a phone or other mobile device
Cloud computing storage of information from Google Glass could be used by Google or third parties, raising privacy concerns
Screen is always in the user's visual field
Legal issues regarding some features, such as facial recognition software, are still unresolved
Information can be stored or is accessible from cloud computing storage
Overuse could adversely affect social relationships if people look at the screen rather than at each other

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